What if you could use a new form of eyewear to get a better picture?

  • August 29, 2021

Posted September 15, 2018 11:08:25A new type of eyeglasses could help us view images better, according to a new study from the University of Illinois.

The researchers say they developed the eyewears after using their own glasses for years.

They tested them on their own eyes, as well as on patients with macular degeneration, and they say their devices can actually work better than the standard glasses that patients currently wear.

“This is the first time we’ve found an effective and practical alternative to the standard lenses,” said study leader David Groskopf, an assistant professor of optometry.

The devices can improve vision by “upgrading” the image of the eye with an image that has higher contrast and detail, allowing people to see more detail in images.

The team of researchers at the University’s School of Optometry and Vision Sciences developed the devices in collaboration with the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The researchers hope to find a better way to wear the glasses in the future.

“Our research is a stepping stone to developing wearable eyeware,” said senior author John Mancuso, an optometrist at the university’s School.

“It’s the first step to realizing our vision-enhancing vision system.”

The researchers tested the glasses using patients who had macular or macular ablation.

Their devices were able to reduce the risk of blindness, and the device also improved the clarity of the vision in the patients’ vision.

The glasses also worked well for both patients with normal vision and patients with the most severe forms of macular disease.

The research was published online in the Journal of the American Ophthalmological Association.

The findings were inspired by research conducted by a team at Northwestern University, who also developed a new type to help people with visual impairment.

“The Northwestern team’s work has led to this new vision device called a parietal-optical implant,” Groskevics said.

“In addition to being a new product, it has the potential to change the way people with macula see the world.”

While it was hard to tell from the images, the researchers believe their new eyewashes may be a way to use the technology to make a difference.

“We think we’ve done a lot of good work in developing this technology,” Mancoso said.

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