When will we see a Willy Wonka Glasses app?

  • September 12, 2021

The official Waffle House app has been updated to include a “Willy Wonk” app, a promotional feature to showcase new features in the restaurant.

The app allows you to shop for Waffle Houses by visiting the website and entering your PIN number.

The app will then show you more information about each Waffle house, including its location, how many waffle houses are in the area, how long it’s been open, and its location on Yelp.

Waffle House has not yet announced when the app will launch, but the Waffle Hut website has already updated to say the app is available for pre-order now.

The new Waffle Shack app also has a pre-installed Waffle Store app that will also have a “willy” app.

Winnie Wafflehouse is also partnering with the Wacoites, a group of small businesses in Texas, to provide an “Uber Waffle” option for patrons who can’t make it to Waffle Hole.

Uber Waffle lets patrons pick up a waffle for a little over $10 at a time.

Willy Waffle has previously released a “virtual Waffle Shop” for its restaurants that offers Waffle-related goods like waffles, waffle trays, and other waffle-themed merchandise.

Wish you were there?

Let us know what you think of the new Widdle app in the comments.

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