Men in women’s snowboarding goggles get a makeover

  • September 14, 2021

Women’s snowboard helmets are getting a makeovers to better meet the needs of women in their communities.

The Mountain House and Mountain Forge ski resorts announced Friday that the new ski-specific women’s gear is designed to better address women’s safety needs.

The new product line will include a snowboard hood and a pair of ski goggles, as well as a windbreaker and bootie for women.

The mountain resort said the new helmets will be available for purchase in the spring of 2018 and will go on sale in spring 2019.

The company said the helmets will also include more gender-neutral designs, including a women’s ski bootie and a woman’s ski hood, and will be offered with “lightweight, breathable materials that are ideal for long-distance ski trips.”

The Mountain Forge resort said it also plans to offer a new snowboard ski boot for women in 2019.

“The Mountain Houses new ski boot is designed for both women and men, as it features a soft, flexible shell and comfortable foam that is designed with our customers in mind,” the resort said in a statement.

“A soft, waterproof boot will make it easy to get into a new position on a snowboarding run or ski trip, and a boot with our logo will be a great addition to any women’s collection.”

The mountain shop added that the brand is also launching a line of women’s goggles and boots.

“Our new women’s line includes women’s lightweight ski goggles that will help to improve women’s comfort and safety,” the Mountain House statement said.

“We are offering a full range of women-specific ski goggles and skis to meet the growing demand from women for additional protection on long distance ski trips.”

Additionally, we are offering women’s full-length ski boots that will allow them to enjoy the snow in a style that suits them.

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