‘Giro Girl’ Giro Girl, 18, has her own set of glasses

  • September 14, 2021

GiroGirl’s first lookbook is a lookbook of women’s lacrosse and soccer goggles that were inspired by the Giro Girls.

The fashion brand, founded in 2013, released the first wave of their women’s goggles in November 2018.

The latest collection is an all-in-one set that includes two styles of glasses: a pair of “gloves” and a “toy,” according to the Girona-based fashion brand.

The brand is selling the collection exclusively on their Instagram account.

The company said the collection is the first of its kind, featuring women who look like “real athletes.”

“We wanted to create something different from what was already on the market,” Gironamé CEO Maria Rizzo told BuzzFeed News.

Gironams Giro Gear collection is available for pre-order on their site, but Rizzolano said that the full-size versions will be released later this year. “

The women we work with wear these on every day to help them feel confident and confident.”

Gironams Giro Gear collection is available for pre-order on their site, but Rizzolano said that the full-size versions will be released later this year.

The new collection will feature five styles, including the Girello “Giro Glass” and the Giorgio Armani “Girello Sport Glass,” both of which are available on the Gioia website.

The two-tone girello is made of a polycarbonate material and features a polyurethane lens, which provides additional durability and clarity.

The Giro Glass, which features an acrylic lens, is made from a plastic material that is flexible.

The three-tone Giro Sport Glass is made up of a nylon material with a glass lens.

Each is available in two sizes: a small version with a clear lens and a large version with an opaque lens.

The goggles have a unique pattern, with the clear lens being the one that is available with the smallest size.

Rizzoli said that while she was looking at the women’s sizes, she noticed that some of the smaller sizes were a little smaller than the larger ones.

The sizes are available in a range of colours, from black to white and pink to purple.

GiroGirls is currently looking to raise $4.2 million through Indiegogo, which Rizzolo said is the “most successful” crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

The goal is to make the giro glasses available for purchase for as little as $75, and to increase the price to $100 per pair.

“It’s really the difference between a gift or an investment,” Rizzoni said.

“You want to make sure that your gift will be appreciated.”

The giroGirl brand was founded in the fall of 2018 and began selling lacrosse goggles at events, and also offered women’s soccer gears.

Razzolani said that when she and her co-founders decided to start the brand, the idea of a fashion line was not on the agenda.

“There was no women’s sport brand that we could look at and say, ‘OK, what do we do?'” she said.

The women’s products are designed with the goal of “finding a balance between the comfort of women in sports, but also the ability for people who aren’t athletes to wear sports accessories that can be worn anywhere.”

“When we started, we were just looking at making lacrosse gear,” Razzoli said.

Gironamas GiroGear collection comes with a variety of accessories including a lacrosse helmet, a scarf, a t-shirt and hoodie, plus a pair or three pairs of goggles, a hoodie and a tshirt.

The girellos sports goggles have a polyethylene lens that provides additional clarity and durability.

Girellas GiroGlass and GireLLOS have a flexible polycarbonic material, which makes them easy to customize.

Rizolani explained that the company uses the material to make giro goggles for the women who wear them.

Gires GiroGoggles are available for sale on the Indiegogos website.

“Women should feel confident wearing these,” Rizoli said of the Gyrne Sport Glass.

“They can be sporty and they can also be sport-specific.”

Rizzólia said that Giro girls are one of the most popular brands for women’s brands.

The range of giro girl products is aimed at a wider range of women.

The line is also available in several colors, including blue, yellow, red, green and purple.

The products are currently available for $75 each, but will also be available for a $100 discount in the coming months.

“These are the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on IndiegOGO,” Ritzoli said, referring to Indiego’s marketplace. “Indiegogo

Meet the Baby Swimmer’s World-First Aquarium Glasses

  • August 17, 2021

On the surface, these goggles are like anything else that comes out of the water: goggles that have an eye.

But these goggles come equipped with a special system that can detect the depth of the ocean and determine the size of the wave you’re in.

These goggles have been designed by the Aquarium of the Pacific in San Diego, Calif., which is using them for testing underwater robots.

Aquarium CEO Mark Dominguez says he’s been thinking about these goggles for more than a decade.

“We wanted to do something that we thought would be useful to the public,” he says.

“It’s really cool to be able to do this at home and to have it being used by scientists to do research.”

So the Aquarius Glasses come with a small battery pack, which will power them for up to 30 minutes.

The Aquarius glasses, which Domingue says will be made in a similar fashion to a pair of water-resistant water-soluble goggles, have been tested underwater at depths of up to 300 feet.

They have a depth-sensitive camera that will let you know how far the waves are and how far they’re heading.

The camera also allows you to see the depth at a glance, meaning that you can quickly gauge the wave’s width and direction, even if you’re not actively watching.

“The wave’s shape is what gives you the best view of where the waves have been,” Domingues says.

And you can adjust the size and angle of the lenses so that you don’t get washed out by the waves and also make them comfortable for your eyes.

These lenses are also waterproof, so they won’t fall off while swimming.

“When you swim, the waves get pushed against your face and you get a very uncomfortable feeling,” Domenes says.

When they’re not underwater, Aquarius has sensors on the glasses to detect if they’re in the water or not.

Domenez says that if the waves hit a glass, the sensors will automatically adjust the lens to protect the eyes from the wave.

“There’s no need to open them up,” he explains.

“If the waves don’t touch you, the lens will stay in place.

It’s like you’re wearing the goggles and they’re protecting your eyes from getting washed out.”

Domences says the Aquaris are also designed to be lightweight.

It has a “weight distribution system” that uses the lenses to balance the weight of the goggles when you’re swimming.

He says the system also allows the lenses not to touch each other.

“So, you have to be very careful with the lens so it doesn’t slide out,” Domezes says.

The lenses are rated for 1,000 hours of use and can be charged via a microUSB cable.

Dominguz says that the Aquarias glasses will be available for $249.99 and can also be preordered for $49.99.

“They’re really easy to use and have a lot of fun to look at,” he adds.

“You don’t need to go overboard with the technology.”

How to get a good fit in the summer

  • July 20, 2021

Uvex Safety Goggles are made of polyurethane, a synthetic material that is waterproof and breathable.

It’s also breathable and can be cleaned with water.

They come in three colors: a black and orange, a white and blue, and a red.

There’s also a black, orange, and yellow option, and the blue option is white.

Uve x safety goggles are a nice choice for summer.

Photo: uve x/flickr.com They’re made of a synthetic polymer called polyuretane, which is water resistant and breathably breathable, so they’re great for wear in the hot summer months.

And the goggles are made from lightweight polycarbonate, which has a flexible coating and can bend under certain conditions, so it’s a great choice for wear when you don’t want to wear a helmet, or when you need to wear them under your armpits.

Uneven angle The goggles have an uneven angle that makes them difficult to wear comfortably, even if they’re slightly angled.

If you’ve ever had a headache or migraines, the goggles may help.

They have a plastic lens on the top, and there’s a plastic tab on the side of the goggles that fits over the lens to provide some relief.

The lenses are made out of a material called polycarbonatone.

It has a soft-touch, water-resistant coating that’s very durable.

The goggles are also waterproof, and they’re also made out by a company called Uve.

They’re available in several colors.

Photo by: uvisa.com Uve products also come in a variety of styles.

Some goggles are black, white, and blue; some are white, black, and purple; and some are red, white and yellow.

There are also many other colors and styles.

They also come with a few different colors, such as red, orange and yellow, but that’s not the only color that can be used with the goggles.

They can be worn under a black armband, or on top of your mask.

They are a good choice for wearing in the sun or when wearing them in a helmet.

They provide a good amount of protection, especially if you wear the goggles over your head or on your head.

They’ll help you feel more secure when you wear them.

Utex goggles are not for everyone.

If the angle makes wearing them uncomfortable, you can opt for the goggles made by Uve, which are made with a plastic design.

The Uve goggles are designed for people who wear glasses, but also offer the same benefits.

They offer a soft, waterproof coating, and when worn over a mask, they provide a nice amount of cushioning, and also keep the helmet attached.

If that’s your preference, the lenses are available in black, blue, orange or yellow.

The color choices are also good.

For example, the black lens is the one you’re most likely to see on the market, and it’s not too expensive, and you can choose from a range of colors.

If your eye color is brown, you’ll probably find the Uve sunglasses are a better choice, though they are not water-repellent, so the color is not very popular.

The blue lens, on the other hand, is a very popular option for people with light brown eyes, and those with dark brown eyes.

It looks a bit too pink, so you might opt for an orange lens instead.

But if you’re looking for something that looks like a combination of a white mask and sunglasses, look for the yellow lens.

It’ll help with the cooling effect of the helmet.

Photo taken by: uvexsafetygoggles.com If you’re just looking for a pair of goggles that fit perfectly on your face, or you need some protection from the sun, Uve has some other good options for you.

The company offers the Ute x, which have an angled lens, and Ute z, which offer a flat lens.

Uvies come in five colors.

The black lens has a rubberized coating on the sides to help it stay on, while the orange lens is water-resistant, and is available in three sizes: 2×2, 2×3, and 2×4.

The red lens is a bit more difficult to get on your eyes, so if you are trying to wear sunglasses, you might prefer the white lens, which also has rubberized backing.

The orange lens offers a very similar look, but it’s less water-proof, so be careful if you don.

You can also find Uve’s red and white lenses in a black or red color, and their yellow lens in a blue color.

These are great options for those who want to protect their eyes and also to get some protection in the case of a mugging or mugging-related

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