How to get the VR goggles you need to experience the NHL in virtual reality

  • July 28, 2021

The NHL has announced that it will soon be rolling out virtual reality goggles that allow players to play a virtual game in the NHL’s arena.

The VR goggles will be available as an add-on to existing NHL season tickets or the team’s mobile app.

The technology has been in the works for some time and will be tested by teams this season. 

The VR glasses will be “the first product to use virtual reality technology,” according to the NHL.

The league said that the glasses will also be used in the virtual-reality experience in a game like the upcoming NHL® The Show, which will launch in December.

“We’ve always been excited to work with NHL on virtual reality,” said Michael Wiedenauer, the league’s vice president of product marketing and technology.

“The NHL is always looking to take the sport to new heights and to expand our fan base and bring the game to more people.”

The NHL said the new goggles will provide players with an immersive experience in the ice, where players can see everything from the face of their opponent to the top of their helmets.

The new technology will also allow players on the ice to control virtual hockey boards.

The NHL also said the technology will help players in the locker room and on the bench to stay focused, especially if they are wearing headphones.

The league said the headsets will be on sale in the United States beginning next year.

The NHL’s mobile game, NHL The Show®, is set to launch on the Apple App Store and Google Play in November.

The company said the VR glasses would be able to deliver a high-definition, full-body experience that includes “a 360 degree view of the ice and all the players on it.”

“The immersive experience is a key part of the VR experience and is key to ensuring the most immersive experience possible for our fans,” Wiedeber said.

The headsets will also enable players to see the puck and be able “to track the position of a player on the puck,” the league said.

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